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The                   A/V-ATOR 


A/V DAVEY Katz AV Davey

AV Davey Katz

CEO/Head Cheerleader

A/V DAVEY was created by AV Davey Katz in May of 1989. Though Davey created the company, he is not only a member, but a true cheerleader for the A/V DAVEY team. He leads by example and celebrates the successes of not only his business but the successes of the solutions he can provide for A/V DAVEY customers. His favorite part of his job is the variety of situations and people he meet each day.
He says that, "never really knowing how the day will play out is exciting to me." Something people may not know about Davey is that he has a lovely daughter who excels at her studies and a Maine Coon named Princess Isabella Greytoe the Furst.



Systems Integrator Manager

Pete has been working at A/V Davey since the beginning. He started September 16, 1996 and has never looked back. Pete enjoys that he is always working on new projects and learning new technologies. A/V DAVEY allows him the opportunity to work on a pretty broad spectrum of installations. From sound masking systems, to video conferencing systems, to hanging giant screens and projectors at live music venues. There is always something new to learn and improve on. Something many might not know about Pete is that he has a 10 year old Dalmatian named Titus.



Assistant Integrator

John has been working at A/V Davey since March 2017. Since his arrival, he has had a dramatic impact. In addition to his installation work, John is known around the office as "Mr. Fix-It". If it's broken, chances are he will find a way to fix it. He enjoys taking a problem that seems unsolvable and finding solutions, whether it be a malfunctioning audio/visual system or Dave's weed wacker. In his spare time, John enjoys listening to music, playing music, and repairing electronic equipment. Most people might not know that John can play a sitar. 




Amy has been working for A/V Davey for the past year and a half. She enjoys working with great coworkers, Foster included (most of the time). Amy is the voice on the other end of the line when one calls the A/V DAVEY office phone number and she looks forward to helping customers in the right direction to find the perfect equipment or service that is right for them. Something many people might not know about Amy is that she is an artist.

Girl with Grey Tshirt


Resident Cat

Foster is our company cat.  And yes he is a foster cat. We rescued him from the humane society and he seems to a like it here.  Once an apartment dweller who didn’t  even understand how to use stairs is now an outdoor lover and hunter. He has proven himself a skilled “Mouser” and even brought  in a snake in for a visit. We did return the snake to the outdoors immediately where it slithered away post haste!

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